Must-knows About Having Bank Payment Terminals

Nowadays, it seems that the clock turns faster than it used to be. These days, almost everybody wants to do things faster and finish things fast. One benefit of this fast-paced society is in money matters.  Developed countries enjoy the benefit of the fast-paced payment system and thanks to card payment terminals which made this convenient and possible not just to consumers but to business owners as well. As much as customers found inconvenience in cash payments, their counterpart business people feel it is mutual.

Payment terminals

Benefits of using card payment terminals

Bank-to-bank transactions are now considered to be a business norm through card payment terminals. This technology truly provides a relief not just for the consumers themselves but same goes to business owners. Why? As much as we are tired of the long line for payment, the hassle of cash exchanges is very much tiresome and prone to human error which is, of course, cause loss to the sale.


Today, most people now use the card to do payment transactions and let the banks settle later. This makes the transactions faster and provides more reliable sales report as mobile terminals process the electronic point of sales quick and easy. Indeed, having a card payment terminal is considered a very good headstart most especially to young businesses.


Finding the best card payment terminal for you

Convenience is what everyone wants in every transaction. This is one of the main objectives that card payment terminals were developed. However, not all terminals are able to provide the demands of the clients thus it is very important to know what are the things that need to be considered in choosing one.

One thing that needs to be considered is connectivity. As the system promotes convenience and safety compared to the traditional payment system, one of the problem is when connectivity is slow which often pisses off clients and customers. It is also very important that the card payment terminal is stylish and user-friendly. Complicated card payment terminals are very vulnerable to human error and thus creates problems both the customer and the cashier. A common example of this is being charged double which is sometimes caused by connectivity problem as well. Some also purchase bank card terminals which provide a contactless payment option which is more convenient to some business needs.

Finally, now more than ever, there are more services that card payment terminals provide. However, it is still the business owner’s call as it also holds a cost that needs further reviews before one decides. Having a bank card service is often viewed in the market as a measure of success as it portrays fast, convenient and reliable transactions which are always more efficient both consumer and users.

Practical Tips to Overcome Cybercrime

As the trend for online purchasing and transaction increases, the demand for its service providers also increases and some grab this chance to commit a crime.


Enjoying the benefits of online purchasing gives its users leverage from the inconvenience of doing it physically but does not discount one from the possibility of being remotely robbed. The growing incidents of being hacked or getting your accounts stolen has now become a phobia to it victims.

The “prevention is better than cure” motto is still quite significant in the cyber world.  However, I could say that at this time, knowledge and discipline is the key to combating cybercrime and securing oneself. Another equally relevant saying goes like this: “curiosity kills the cat”. Therefore, disciplining oneself to be mindful in opening untrusted sites is one of the things that a netizen should develop. This “point of no return” literally means saying goodbye to your online banking accounts, social accounts, to your documents and possibly everything you have online. Worst case, your integrity is put at stake without you knowing it.

Practical Tips to Ensure Cyber Security

For this reason, password files need to be kept protected the same way we keep our ATM card passwords. It is very important to follow the tips provided as follows:

  • In making online account passwords, include a minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters and include capital and small letters.
  • Get yourself updated real-time about your online activities
  • Regularly do password changes to save you from falling into the tactics of cybercriminals such as keylogging.
  • Many service providers now offer identity verification as soon as your account is accessed from another unknown device which includes a prompt message to your mobile number with codes to confirm that it is you who is using and not somebody else. Activate this!
  • Be knowledgeable about the current online scams lurking in the cyber world.
  • When accessing websites involving direct credit card information or checking account information, be vigilant to check if it has a padlock symbol or icon that ensures users that it is duly authorized to accept such vital information. Usually, websites with “https” URL means that the page is secure using encryption technology and Secure Socket Layer.
  • When using payment processors or merchant services, use credible, reliable and efficient providers like Redfynn Technologies. This way, one can remotely access send payments and enter financial information without compromising security.


To sum it up, one must have knowledge and practice discipline to protect and be confident in doing online transactions. Other practical tips include removing known suspicious applications, ensuring passwords are safely stored in encrypted mode, getting warned about suspicious sites, blocking the phishing ones, installing updated computer antivirus/malware and lastly, never allowing third-party software from untrusted sources to be installed on your computer.

Merchant Solutions for Logistics Services

There is a whole range of application for merchant services anywhere you go in the world.  With every business and transaction going global, it is nothing new for both traditional and non-traditional businesses. Every business these days needs fast and secure merchant services. Our company provides resources to help you out in this area.

payment processor for limo rental services

Gone were the days when you have to physically drive or walk to either the actual store or a payment center such as a bank or money sending centers to complete a transaction. The intermediaries are in fact losing business in this specific division. Not to worry though as they have other innovative ways to compensate for the said loss. But the greatest benefit here would be to the customers themselves. Unfortunately, so are the risks.

The advantages of having a reliable and reputable merchant solutions provider are huge. Logistics companies are on the receiving end of such services. And we are not talking about just the prominent cargo logistic companies like FedEx, DHL or UPS, which is a misnomer since people equate logistics synonymously with cargo. Those passenger logistics services such as those in Car rental services or limo-for-hire service providers also form part of this broad category of businesses.

They, for one, believe in the power of merchant services especially with this passenger transport industry going through different periods of innovation and development in their financial systems over the past two decades.

Like the example above, you too can start scouring the site for additional insights on the value and process involved in merchant payment processing especially if your business has some considerable online presence too.

Things you need to consider are the following:
  • Track record
  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Customer service
  • Dispute resolution

To truly thrive in the business arena of this millennium, you cannot afford not to automate and globalize your company. This step in leveling up your transaction process, along with other key processes such as point-of-sales, is a huge step towards achieving that goal and keeping your business competitive for the next 30 years or so. We wish you all the best!